Somali voice-over from SomaliaServices

SomaliaServices offers the most desired Somali voice over services in the world. Due to Somali language being our mother tongue, we have the luxury of finding the best voice-over talents in Somalia. SomaliaServices aims to provide a voice-over service that considers that Somali culture. Our Somali voice-over services provide you with high-quality Somali recordings from our in house Somali voice artists.

Our in-house translation department can also produce the Somali translations specifically for voice-overs. We also offer transcription services before voice-over project are carried out. Read more about our Somali translation services. SomaliServices is always capable to providing experienced and professional Somali voice talent to help you get your message across to these markets authentically.

Our voice-over services include:

  • Transcriptions to provide scripts for translation
  • Somali translations by our translation department
  • Somali time-coded script creation
  • Somali voice artists selection and recording
  • Audio file editing
  • Syncing the audio to the video
  • On-screen text localization
  • Dedicated project managers and studio engineers

Professional audio editing:

At SomaliaServices, we offer audio samples so our clients can choose from male talents and female voice-over talents. We also offer professionally edited audio as a standard for all of our voice over projects. Our final work is always double checked by highly qualified linguists to make sure that our customers are getting the best Somali voice-over service possible.

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